We recently started High School Clubs where students can meet and learn to make DIY projects. At one high school, the group decided to make a photo booth powered by an Arduino to use at their school's winter formal. The club had to build and program the project which took them over a month to do.

One of the girls wrote this reflection on her experience learning to code an Arduino board.  

Learning to Code Arduino

I chose to learn how to code the Arduino board so that when a Staples Easy Button connected to a laptop was pressed , the computer would take a picture. The other three people in my group and I were confused at first, and we had to learn the basics of working with an Arduino board, a breadboard, and computer code. We were able to teach ourselves the basics, like how the power flows from the Arduino board to the breadboard as well as how power flowed throughout the breadboard.
— Sofia Maristela
After about a month, we were able to write the correct code and connect the Arduino and the breadboard in such a way that the computer would take a picture when we pressed a button. We then altered the Staples Easy Button so that it connected to the Arduino board.

What I found most challenging about the project was learning how computer coding worked and how each punctuation could either make or break your code. However, the satisfaction of working together to create a product that everyone can enjoy is very satisfying and rewarding and definitely outweighs the challenges.
— Sofia Maristela