Meet the Team 

Our 2018-2019 Invent Girls consisted of 23 Latinas from San Fernando High School. Their work began in July of 2018, when the team started to look at issues affecting their community.

Many brought up excessive waste as an issue they repeatedly saw in their community. The early stages of the girls’ research involved narrowing down their focus. It was at this time that they decided to focus on food waste and made it a priority to incorporate the use of renewable energy in their projects. The 23 girls were divided into two teams, Team RBC and Team TCG.

The Projects


A staggering amount of fresh food from restaurants, schools and grocery stores goes to waste daily which is why Team RBC focused on developing a Rechargeable Battery Cooler; hence the team’s name RBC. The girls developed a product that would give fresh food being wasted a second chance at providing nourishment to someone in need. Most food banks provide dry or canned foods to families in need because, more often than not, these families are unable to safely store fresh food, especially if they are homeless.

The rechargeable battery cooler is portable, and powered by solar energy. The team incorporated a thermostat to monitor the temperature inside the cooler and ensure it maintains a safe temperature to store fresh food. The team also incorporated and programmed a temperature sensor. This sensor helps preserve the energy of the rechargeable battery by allowing the thermoelectric cooler to power on and off automatically as needed.



Team TCG developed a biodigester they call The Compost Generator. Their biodigester breaks down organic material (vegetable scraps, old fruits, green waste like leaves or grass trimmings) biologically in a sealed tank and produces biogas that can be used for cooking, lighting and heating. Team TCG did extensive research to learn more about composting and the types of gases it produces. In order to enhance the design of their biodigester, the girls added a food disposal to the tank to help break down the food scraps and accelerate the composting process. In addition to harvesting the gas produced by the organic waste, the girls also plan to recycle the excess compost and use it as fertilizer for gardening.