Meet the Team 

Our 2017-2018 Invent Girls consisted of 23 girls from San Fernando High School. The early stages of their research demonstrated that air quality inside a home can often be worse than outdoor air pollution, and that indoor air pollution is also associated with a variety of health risks. These findings are what led the girls to focus their attention on creating inventions that would improve indoor air quality for low income families.

The Projects

Team PVD2

Many low income families have no hood range or inadequate hood ranges for their stoves. Team PVD2 focused on increasing the efficiency of carbon monoxide detectors and stove hood ranges. The team developed a mobile app, for iPhones and Android phones, that connects to three sensors and alerts both local authorities and the home’s resident if dangerous levels of toxins (Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde & Natural Gas) are found in the home. In addition to the mobile app, the girls also developed an affordable air purifier that displays the amount of CO in the home and is triggered if such levels exceed the safety standards. When triggered, the air purifier turns on, absorbs the contaminated air, and runs it through a filter before releasing it back into the environment.

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Most low income families cannot afford to have their air vents professionally cleaned as often as it is recommended due to the high cost for these services. Having your air vents professionally cleaned ranges from $300-$1,000 and this is not something that low income families can afford when they have more pressing needs like food and shelter. Team ADVR created an autonomous robot that cleans air vents. The ADVR includes various brushes and a vacuum that removes the dust that accumulates in the the air vents. The robot was programmed by the girls so that it can travel through the vents autonomously (adding sensors that prevent it from crashing into the sides of the vent), and also includes a sensor that detects when the contents of the vacuum need to be emptied and when the battery needs to be recharged.

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