The rise of the DIY maker movement and the recent accessibility of tools (open source software and hardware) formerly only available in engineering labs allow anyone that is determined to design and build their own products. Our programs inspire and support girls in 4th-12th grade so that they are able to participate in this movement and future economy.


Creative Electronics

Girls learn basic electronics though electronic textiles, motors, buzzers and other materials. This 10-week program for 4th and 5th grade girls provides creative materials and technology along with mentorship for them to create their own projects with electronics. Girls learn by making while applying the math and science they learn in school. They gain confidence and practical in-demand skills for 21st century careers.



Making for Good

Our Making for Good initiative challenges girls to think about issues in their community by leading them through the design thinking process to build real prototypes of products and services that can improve the problem. Issues we have incorporated include health and air quality. Making for good is a hands-on, engaging way for girls to find their voice, build their confidence, and become advocates for change.

Creative Coding

Our 10-week program for middle school girls uses Processing, a language for learning how to code within the context of the visual arts. Through code, girls manipulate shapes, color, and sound to create unique artwork. During the first five sessions of the camp, girls will learn coding concepts including: conditionals, variables, operators, and for loops. Once girls have explored Processing, they will learn how to export their code as a high-quality print to share at a culmination gallery opening. Girls also explore Virtual Reality by re-creating a 3D environment using Google Cardboard where they are able to see their artwork. Girls also use a JavaScript library to create a simple sound machine.

Summer Camp 

Our summer camps are designed to offer middle and high school girls hands-on engineering and further technical exploration. Each session features a theme that introduces girls to the field and culminates with an advanced project. For 2016, we are offering woodworking, advanced electronics, coding interactive art and electronic music. We also partner with colleges and universities that offer our girls an opportunity to takes courses and experience college campus life.